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Here we go again, another ending, another closure, and with those things another beginning. I want to say at the outset that I'm sorry and I'm not sorry. There are things outside of the control of any of us, and brain on fire Richard is not the whole story. A facet, maybe, of the ruby that over Halloween, in isolation in an emergency department, I imagined to be the only source of light in a subterranean chamber where an evil wizard was entombed to insure life on earth with anaerobic reproduction should a cataclysm destroy the rest of us. I hope that such a thing at least holds off until I die of natural causes. I hope I die of natural causes. Up and down and up and down for how many years now. Can't a fellow at least one of these days get some rest? Get feet on solid ground or at least evolve sea legs, ride the swells and stay away from the rocks where the sirens sing out like cop cars on highways, on their way to serve and protect us from ourselves. Forget that I said it.

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Grasshopper Diary

Honored to wear the skeleton costume, and Bertha.


The Author beaming because of love.

There isn't that much to say about me honestly, and the posts will do a much better job of introducing me, but here goes nothing: I have no credentials to speak of, cannot claim any authority on matters spiritual or otherwise, but I believe that honest meditation before the blank page is one means to stay sane in the face of a bleak and at times unforgiving world, and maybe provide some light for someone else too.


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Book Picks


Pardon the grainy image, but Bolaño's globetrotting novel rooted in northern Mexico is perhaps my favorite modern novel. The sheer scale (900+ pages in English) of the book demands that you take it seriously, and it is surely serious, as the numerical title is, I believe, a body count. 2666 murders, the story goes. And yet it reaches back into WWII, continuing the studies of Naziism that are a major throughline in Roberto's oeuvre. Anyways, maybe my favorite novel ever, overall.

10/10 would recommend.

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