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Let's Start Over:

There was a lot going on in my brain for the last few years. A lot of Trauma, a lot of Pain. I'm not sure what happened, honestly, if you want to know the truth of it. I guess there isn't a lot to say about me than that I'm a water-bearer in once sense, though not an Aquarian by the stars. Chop wood, carry water. That's all I can manage right now and I've already said too much and you don't care about me anyways, as a person. The words are more important and should do a better job of telling you what I'm like. But here goes anyways:

I'm a writer, and a poet, and I like to sing. I'm a good dancer but I would rather walk back and forth in my kitchen and cry than go to the club. I like books, and music is life. Es la Vida. Y lespirito santo Amén. But Amén is not the ending but the beginning, for I just have begun my roar. Not that I am a lion though there are some Leo placements in my stars. Who knows man, there's no system, there's no guarantee, not of tomorrow, not of justice, not of success. Sometimes you just have to dump and pray, which is what I'm doing now,

I went to Catholic School, and I"m glad for that and wish I hadn't at the same time. I wish I could stop crying but I do not wish for what I wish. It feels good to cry when you spent the whole night having nightmares. Don't get me wrong, this is not a cry for help; I'm okay. And that's good enough for now.

Good Morning, Good Morning,



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